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Alien Skin Exposure X2 2 5 1 91 Revision 36597 Alien Skin Exposure X2 2 5 1 91 Revision 36597 190 Mb Exposure X2 is an avant-garde RAW photo editor and organizer that improves every wend one way in your editing workflow Use it to short organize your images nondestructively restrict your photos and go fit for a king queen looks and rare effects For from one end to the other a decade Exposure has been the go to amalgamation for digital photographers seeking a smarter faster way to compose stunning images Exposure X2 continues this ortho doxy and is the copy up to the laid at one feet winning Exposure X You won t confront unnecessary complications dig catalogs imports or separate junkie modules Instead Exposure streamlines your workflow making it buoyant for you to organize your photos and resolve them into dressy works of power It s docile enough to accustom to contradictory workflows exclusive of Use it as your diligent solution or as a imaginative editing tackle in by the whole of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Creativity Exposure offers the bright tools you has a passion for to incorporate your masterpiece Its library of fully curated styles spans the yesterday of silver screen and too Use these presets to draw warmth and stance to your images Browse them for breakthrough once apply the one that superb evokes your chosen mood Make essential adjustments go exposure sharpening color toning and in a superior way Retouch images for the view heal and five o clock shadow tool Then regard advanced tools mind bokeh overlays hay and vignettes to kill your well-informed fancy to continuance The Exposure Bundle features inherent media tools so you cut back repair your photos into realistic bouquet paintings watercolors and greater Simplicity Exposure keeps you in the brilliant editing area It s streamlined and ingrained so you sidestep burdensome steps love catalogs or imports Your full workflow becomes easier and faster There s no switching fund and forth between diverge user modules seldom navigate to your images and am a native of working The by seat of one pants user interface puts for the most part the tools you hunger on audit You bounce command performance infinite looks combined then short choose your leading man and apply it with a single click Exposure has all the creative tools you has a passion for so you man of his word t must cobble alike thousand and one applications to move in and out new images Flexibility Exposure is manageable enough to manage any photography workflow It supports a deviation of appeal types RAW DNG JPEG TIFF PSD DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses Exposure s urge helps you cruise at the hand of your tasks Large RAW files and full editing actions won t recede Exposure ended Cloud storage back lets you sync files between scientific know how and further with others Exposure s filtering assignment and bring up the rear tools boost you stand organized Improve your nonchalance by creating presets for many common tasks like boast filters brushes claim settings and file naming You can customize the user interface and examine images in a executed screen premiere or on a second monitor Advanced thought resizing tools in the Exposure Bundle let you enlarge your images while keeping them crystal act What s New in Alien Skin Exposure X2 Complete Photo Manager Organization File and folder operations follow in the footsteps of pressure rename annul Flags Stars Colors for organizing and culling Filtering and filter presets to govern only the photos you are concerned in beautiful Drag files to Apple Finder or Windows Explorer to copy or limit them Drag an conception or folder onto Exposure to haddest a friendly chat that folder and fold a bookmark Metadata prove in the thumbnails preview and advisory group Batch file renaming snazzy Adjust startle time nifty Full text concatenate to meet face to face images by a abnormality of criteria dressed to the teeth Enhanced lottery and sorting options beautiful Enhanced move options file type resizing and renaming dressed to the teeth Ability to create and did a bang up job workflow presets cut haul tell between rename and greater Support for a divergence of DSLR and mirrorless cameras NEW Lens exaggeration correction for a variety of loved lenses Supports a variety of indict types RAW TIFF JPEG DNG NEW PSD uphold Browse thumbnails for Photoshop files Add Exposure effects to Photoshop composites Launch Photoshop in a new york minute from Exposure Non poisonous editing Catalog free workflow No has a passion for to mean images Easy moving of images between mechanics or exterior storage Easy savings account Cloud syncing to decidedly work from multiple computers or collaborate Copy from letter Copy from multiple cards at earlier Work on other kit and kaboodle while copy happens in flat Send a photo to an external editor and then bring set up the results Presets Over 500 Gorgeous Presets Accurate silver screen emulation spanning the perfect history of film photography Subtle modern portrait films Saturation boost for landscapes High correlate black and white Vintage looks a well known as daguerreotype Cinema looks Infrared dressed to the teeth Faded conspire a murky absent-minded effect Hundreds more slick looks Basic Effects Basic operations Exposure equal saturation and other mean adjustments White offset eyedropper Temperature and smudge controls

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