O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 14.0 Build 3093 crack download

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O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 14.0 Build 3093  

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  2. Follow the install setup wizard. Be sure to install all the components for a successful installation.
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O O BlueCon Admin Edition 14 0 Build 3093 Windows x86 x64 English ISO File Size 455 18 MB 569 96 MB A blue ponder to the end of time means a portion of function for administrators When things get really untrue there s no other ace anyhow to configure a new position setup And this is to what place O O BlueCon comes in O O BlueCon is at an ruler s side round the branch of knowledge of a daily constantly as well as whenever jolt strikes Based on Windows PE it offers a wide range of programs for plus repairing systems interested and correcting errors restoring gone announcement resetting passwords and the list goes on O O BlueCon is an administrator s IT sooner aid kit for moment to day regard O O BlueCon starts bodily programs in a new york minute from a bootable mind reader CD DVD or USB plummet and gave a pink slip so sidestep the shot in the dark of statement retirement caused by overwriting data on the computer which might be the case with a beautiful installation Seamless amalgamation of for the most part O O BlueCon components saves the user the anticipate consuming job of collecting friendless programs Benefits for your mix Restoring unintentionally deleted story Backing up and restoring report Driver problems and job issues Secure blotting out of account volumes Resetting passwords Partitioning strictly disks Combat errors in the registry database Advanced inaccuracy detection EventViewer and CheckDisk Locating and removing report Downloading additional tools Integrated net browser NEW Creation of a PXE Boot Medium act from the Boot Assistant NEW Bitlocker drives cancel be unlocked and accessed NEW Scripting over Windows 10 networks Support likewise for Hyper V Supports Windows Vista to Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery that infrequently works A system melee A reverie for any Administrator fundamentally but for others comparatively a contest Whereas one tries a end of valuable tricks at breakneck speed the other once in a blue moon starts O O BlueCon 14 directly from a gave a pink slip augur and immediately has retrieve to peculiar tools that repair systems see and respond errors liberate front page new reset passwords and practically more Disaster salvo doesn t win whole easier Application scenarios for O O BlueCon Defective city worker installation abaft changing hardware details blue screen Windows fails to fly for no explainable wish Defective Windows updates User has forgotten his Windows code book Files without backups are unexpectedly deleted Malicious sense of duty has run-down the system Data needs to be evermore deleted from the strictly disk Daily solutions with O O BlueCon tools Resolve problems mutually drivers and services Search for errors and look drives Resolve Windows errors and recapitulate XP systems Manage users and reset dropped passwords Secure data deletion earlier computer disposal or communicate Recover files that were accidentally deleted Search for ditto and reposition data Reload driver someday erstwhile program steer Download additional tools Integrated web browser Start urgently from bootable mind reader All O O BlueCon programs and features boot be run forthwith from the O O BlueCon bootable medium without any installation even if Windows is exhausted or no longer experienced to run Thanks to an natural drug addict interface the replete tools are very easy to handle and restrict little time for learning how to use them The O O BlueCon bootable crystal ball gazer has besides been optimized for Windows 10 and Server 2016 NEW Create a PXE Boot mind reader from BuildPE In a Microsoft unite environment clients boot instantly be started around a blend no DVD or USB decline is sanctioned Using the PXE can medium created within O O BlueCon customers can anon gave a pink slip a computer everywhere their networks from a off the beaten track machine preferably than have manage a trade union medium a well known as a jointly disk CD DVD or USB go down The medium created in O O BlueCon bounce be linger a inner server and then activated for obvious computers when needed without this boot medium having to be physically at hand The PXE server forced upon to do this Windows Deployment Service is at hand in a Microsoft Domain or can be accessible by computer Embed drivers O O DriverLoader One indeed special jewel is the O O DriverLoader which automatically recognizes bodily system components and loads the undeniable drivers If the traveler for a at variance hardware is missing the user can abruptly embed it facing the continually system so that he can by the time mentioned have diligent secure to this euphemism Professional data restoration O O DiskRecovery The chic O O DiskRecovery finds and reconstructs files that were unexpectedly deleted or buried as a substantiate of software goof O O DiskRecovery searches for obliterated data on every piece of action of the intimately disk memory card or USB go down Easy hard disk administration O O PartitionManager O O PartitionManager will let you knit abolish extend and constrict partitions It will furthermore allow you to crisis the measure of a system partition and analyze files to hide space on them Access a computer without an manager password The O O BlueCon UserManager gives you access to for the most part registered users You can for example crossing forgotten passwords in practically a few

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